Terms of Service - Section 2: Cleaning Procedures

Section 2:

Cleaning Procedures

  • Hours of Operation
    1. Customers can come to the HSA Cleaners to make orders, drop off laundry bags, or speak to staff on Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    2. The HSA Cleaners has various satellite depots that have different hours of operation. (For details contact a Manager).
    3. The HSA Cleaners and its various satellite depots reserve the right to close for holidays recognized by the United States Government, or otherwise anytime that student events prevent the student staff from working, and in situations of extreme weather.
    4. When the HSA Cleaners or its satellite depots are closed, dry cleaning orders and laundry bag services will be delayed by the number of days closed.
    5. It is the customer’s responsibility to take into account these hours of operation and to place orders accordingly.
  • Laundry Bags
    1. Bags are picked up by Boston Laundry Inc. on 6pm on Monday through Friday and 5pm on Saturday (unless schedule changes make pick-up times earlier or later) from the HSA Cleaners.
    2. For those without a delivery plan, we encourage you to drop off your bag before at least 5:30pm on Monday through Friday and 4:30pm on Saturday to ensure your bag is picked up promptly.
    3. For those with the delivery plan, bags will be picked up the day after a delivery requested.
    4. Bags should be left outside one’s door (in a place accessible to the HSA Staff) the night before the pick-up.
    5. Each bag is given its own washer and dryer.
    6. The washing machine uses cold water for all clothes, and the dryer dries on high heat for all clothes.
    7. Clothes are sorted by lights and darks. (Lights with dark trim or dark coloring will be sorted with darks).
    8. Laundry bags are dropped off by Boston Laundry, Inc. at 10am on Monday through Friday and at 11am on Saturday.
    9. Bags are guaranteed to be at the HSA Cleaners no less than TWO business days after pick-up by Boston Laundry, Inc., unless store closure prevents the delivery to and from Boston Laundry, Inc.
    10. For customers with delivery plans: bags will be dropped off at dorms no less than TWO business days after pick up from those dorms. (Delivery and pick up services are not offered on Sundays)
    11. Please note that there are NO special settings for washing clothes in laundry bags. All laundry bags are washed under the aforementioned settings without regard for special requests and/or indications on the bag.
  • Wash, Dry, Folds
    1. Wash, dry, fold orders are washed under the same settings as laundry bags (as described in Section 2, subsection "Laundry Bags").
  • Dry Cleaning
    1. Orders are placed into machines that wash with chemicals instead of water.
    2. The machines adjust heat and washing time depending on the type of order.
    3. Items are then placed on a hanger and covered with a clear plastic bag for customer pick-up.
  • Launder and Press
    1. Items are washed in a machine with cold water and dried on high heat.
    2. Cleaned and dry items are then ironed and placed in a clear bag for customer pick-up.