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The following procedure is followed for all laundry plan loads:

1. Each laundry bag is given its own washer(s) and dryer. Clothes from different bags are never mixed.
2. Clothes are sorted by lights and darks. Lights with dark trim or dark coloring will be sorted with darks.
3. If the clothing contained within a bag is entirely light or entirely dark one washing machine will be used.
4. Cold water is used in all cases. Loads are machined-dried on high heat.
5. Regular laundry detergent is used. Bleach is never used.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all clothing dropped off for laundry is suitable to be machine-washed in cold water and dried on high heat.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the laundry bag is fully closed, so that clothes do not fall out.


Lessee shall bear the entire risk of loss or damage to their rental item from any cause whatsoever, except for manufacturer defects or loss or damage caused by HSA during the delivery and pickup of the item. The Lessee must report any damages they see once product is received within 2 weeks of delivery. The Lessee shall reimburse HSA for any and all loss or damage to the item from any cause whatsoever. If Legal action is required to recover said losses, Lessee shall reimburse HSA reasonable attorney fees. Replacement costs for loss or damage to items are as follows:

MicroFridge: Missing MicroFridge Combination unit $437.00, Missing or Damaged Microwave $164.00, Missing or Damaged Refrigerator $327.00, Missing or Damaged Microwave Plate $30.00, Missing or Damaged Microwave Ring $20.00, Missing Refrigerator Shelf $12.00, Missing Ice Cube Tray $5.00, Missing Scrapper $5.00

Missing Fan: Missing fan unit: $17

Room Changes/Moving Items 

Lessee agrees not to move, remove, and/or relocate any rented items from the dorm room originally listed on the agreement without receipt of the prior written consent of HSA. MicroFridge units may only be moved by HSA Dorm Essentials staff, and a $40 fee will be charged to the Lessee for any and all early relocations of a MicroFridge for any reason.The Lessee may move a Water cooler unit to a new dorm room themselves, but the Lessee assumes all risk and liability for possible damage incurred during the relocation process.

Fees for Failure to Return items on Time or Undamaged

If any rental item has to be located because it was moved without receiving HSA's prior written consent, there will be a Search Fee of $40. The Late Fee for returning items after the scheduled pickup date is $40.

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