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Washed. Dried. Folded. 

Our most comprehensive and popular service, the Cleaners and Dorm Essentials laundry plan saves time and hassle. Allowing students to focus on classes, activities, friends, and the college experience. 

Once you arrive at campus, please be sure to come into our store located at 69 Mount Auburn Street so that we can help you get your plan set up!

How Our Laundry Plans Work:

1) Delivery Plan

Our laundry plan, with delivery, professionally-cleans your clothes for you all summer long. Just request to have your laundry picked up through our app and have your bag returned to you within 2 days. Your clothes will be returned to your door, laundered and folded.

Our cleaning process is extremely efficient and separates lights from darks while washing. This plan is perfect for any student on Harvard's campus who would rather spend their time exploring Cambridge, hanging out with friends, or doing literally anything other than trying to work Harvard’s derelict laundry machines. 


2) Non-Delivery Plan

Our non-delivery plan provides professionally-cleaned clothes for you all summer long. You can drop off your laundry at the Cleaners and Dorm Essentials storefront at 69 Mount Auburn Street (maximum 1 drop-off per bag each week). Within 2 days, your washed and folded clothes will be ready to be picked up in our store! 


NOTE: Delicate items meant for dry cleaning should not be placed in laundry bags. Clothing in laundry bags is cleaned in regular washing machines in cold water and with standard detergent. Clothing is then dried under high heat. Check your clothing's cleaning tags carefully.

Comfortable. Clean.

Forget packing bed sheets and towels, we offer a full set of linens tailored to Harvard’s dorms––complete with professional cleaning services, provided weekly.  

How Our Linen Plans work: 

Each linen set includes 2 large bath towels, 2 sheets (one flat, one fitted), 1 pillowcase, and 1 face cloth. Your first linen set will need to be picked up from the Cleaners and Dorm Essentials storefront on 69 Mt. Auburn Street (even for the delivery plan). 

We recommend opting for the complete package, click "Yes" to include a blanket, bedspread, and pillow with your order.

  1. Delivery Plan

Simply place your dirty linens outside your room. We will deliver a fresh set to your door as often as once a week. 

  1. Non-Delivery Plan

Bring your used linens to our storefront on Mt. Auburn Street, up to once a week, and we will give a fresh set right then and there


Ideal for late snacks or early-morning iced coffees; the MicroFridge is a combination microwave, refrigerator, and freezer all in one unit. It also features a built-in outlet, perfect for charging phones. 

Dimensions: 44.125” x 18.625”  x 20.125” 

Please be sure to order by your program's preorder deadline to ensure your dorm essentials are ready for you upon your arrival!

Due to dorm guidelines, GSD Design Discovery fridge rentals do not come with a microwave. 

Delivery is included. Only the student's name is required to ensure a seamless delivery. This rental is for the entirety of your summer school program.


Dorm life is full of new faces, guests, and roommates. In that excitement, it can be difficult to keep your valuables safe. 

The safe has a programmable digital lock with an emergency override key and insulated double steel walls. It’s ideal for passports, documents, cash, electronics and more. 

The interior dimensions are 7.75" x 17.5" x 13.5". 

Harvard Summer School Secondary School & Pre-College Program Students will have safes delivered to their room. All other programs should pick up their safe at our store at 69 Mount Auburn St.

Keep Cool.

Average temperatures in Boston during the summer can rise well over 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). Combine that with high humidity, and dorms built before the advent of air conditioning you could be in store for a horrifically uncomfortable summer. Harvard dorms are not air-conditioned and air-conditioners are strictly prohibited, except for students approved for accommodations by the Accessibility Services Office for a documented disability that requires air conditioning. 

All Summer School and Pre-College students will have 1 box or ceiling fan per room upon arrival, courtesy of Harvard Summer School.

Pick up pre-ordered fans at our store located at 69 Mount Auburn St. 

Talk. Text. Surf.

Avoid paying high rates for phone service when you really only need it for 2 months. Mint SIM cards have several plan options to choose from, including unlimited minutes, texting, and data, as well as free international text and calls. 


Be sure to pick up your SIM card at our store located at 69 Mount Auburn Street when you arrive at campus! If you miss us at move-in, email summer@hsa.net to pick up a SIM card later.

Phone plans are not available for purchase online. Please visit our store to receive a free SIM card packet with instructions on how to purchase a US phone plan!

Clean. Classy.

Buy credits now, and get 10% off the best rates in Harvard Square!

Never get caught off guard with dirty clothes for formals or other important events! With this credit, drop off whatever you need cleaned at our store on 69 Mount Auburn Street, and pick it up two days later. No cash, credit cards, or extra time needed.

See our dry cleaning prices here.

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